Back-end Development

Cloud-based services with APIs make it possible to do a lot from your web or app front-end, but when you need to manage your own data, integrate with other systems or create your own API, back-end (or server-side) development is needed.

From deploying and customising content management systems, through development of bespoke platform APIs to real-time control – we’ve tackled a range of development projects requiring back-end savvy.

Although we’ve also worked with a variety of technologies (such as PHP and .Net), our preferred approach is to build with node.js – so not only can we take on all aspects of your full-stack development project, but we can deliver it all in Javascript. And we also work with industry standard platforms such as AWS and firebase.

So if you have a full-stack project in mind, or back-end development requirements (especially in node), we’d love to hear from you.

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Back-end Development Projects