Hot Tap Media : Social Screen

Social Screen is a crowdfunding, engagement and distribution platform for independent filmmakers.

Hot Tap Media were awarded funding to build the platform, and selected New Now as their development partner for delivery. We also provided outsourced web design for the project.

The platform allows filmmakers to create and manage crowdfunding campaigns for their films, with films then distributed via the site, on a pay-per-view basis. Filmmakers have their own isolated content-managed microsites they can use for promotion. Fans are able to donate, purchase merchandise and follow films as they develop.

Vimeo Pro is used behind the scenes as the underlying streaming platform, with temporary access URLs generated when a user pays to view a film. Payments are handled by Stripe, with Cloudinary providing image processing and CDN.

The platform provides features as follows.


  • Launch and manage crowdfunding campaign sites.
  • Upload film-related content including cast and crew, stills and so on.
  • Engage with fans through blog posts and social media.
  • Download mailing lists of fans.
  • Take donations and sell rewards, getting paid instantly to their connected Stripe account.
  • Access stats and reporting on campaigns and films.
  • Upload completed films, with pay-per-view distribution and instant payment.


  • Discover and support new independent film making.
  • Register and access account, orders.

Social Screen

  • Manage all films, filmmakers, users, transactions and content via a tailored content management system.
  • Receive commission on all site transactions.
  • Access stats and reporting.

An API was created to drive many of the features, simplifying other implementations in future (such as mobile apps).

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