We have a long-standing relationship with Axis, so when they were merging their 3 divisions and re-branding as Axis Studios, they turned to us for a web solution.

Performance of the current sites was assessed using analytics data, with the conclusions that we could provide improved user journeys for the core audience types, and increase engagement by adding more internal linkage and leveraging related content. A system of metadata was devised to operate across all site content and support this without manual effort.

We also aimed to help SEO by expanding the site’s textual content, as well as enlarging the sitemap after consultation with internal stakeholders on their requirements. Automated migration of the wealth of great content on the current sites was undertaken as a starting point.

Through wireframing, design and build, we delivered a new responsive website on the ProcessWire platform. Whilst still focused on showcasing the visually compelling work to the fullest; the sites deliver richer, more informative content than before, better serving visitors’ goals.

The site also allows Axis to create personalised password-protected packages of playlists and documents that can be easily shared with prospective clients as part of their business development and marketing activities.

Visit : http://www.axisstudiosgroup.com/

Axis Studios: Website redesign