New Now Ltd was formed in 2014 to deliver consultancy and solutions focused on new and emerging technologies.

We are always looking for innovative and challenging projects. Working with the web since 1994, we bring expertise across technologies and platforms to provide the following services.


Cross-platform mobile app development.

Responsive and mobile-optimised website design and development.

Technical services for digital marketing.

Technical consultancy.

Back-end Development

We are always looking for innovative and challenging projects.

Selected Projects

Axis : Responsive Website

Axis approached us as they were completing a rebranding exercise and had started to build new…

The Gate: iBeacon-enabled app and website

Bluetooth iBeacons bring a touring exhibition to life.

Dekko Comics: Mobile App

Adapting educational comics for mobile to create a new revenue stream.

999 Design: Natural Language Chatbot

Extending a Q&A chatbot with natural language understanding to deliver real ROI.

Furthermore : Shmapped Mobile App

New Now partnered with Furthermore to successfully pitch for the development of a cross-platform…

The Gate: Twitterbot

A road safety-conscious twitter bot with a neat line in patter delivers timely advice to Scottish…

University of Glasgow : Indoor Navigation

New Now were awarded innovation funding to work with the Computing Science Department in the…

Hot Tap Media : Social Screen

Social Screen is a crowdfunding, engagement and distribution platform for independent filmmakers.…