Navigation Innovation

We're pleased to announce that we've secured funding from Interface's Innovation Voucher scheme to work with the School of Computing Science in The University of Glasgow on a beacon project

Eddystone in Practice

Google recently unveiled their bluetooth beacon standard called Eddystone (after the lighthouse), that lets users receive URLs broadcast straight to their phone without needing an app. It has been viewed

Scottish Design Awards Nomination

We're delighted to share the news that we've been nominated for a Scottish Design Award in the website category, for our work with Axis Animation. You can see what great

The 4K Website

The web is being experienced on a wider range of screen resolutions than ever, but 1366 x 768 has remained steady as the most common for some years now. So

The Great Indoors

Accurate and up-to-date maps of internal spaces are a prerequisite of many iBeacon applications. Recently, the big players in mapping have been extending their coverage indoors. So what's the current

Beacon Wars (?)

Continuing our iBeacon series, we're going to try to clear up any confusion around naming and standards - what are the differences (if any) between Bluetooth Beacons, iBeacons and AltBeacons?

The Future of iBeacons

This is the concluding article in a series of articles on iBeacons (AKA Bluetooth Low Energy beacons), it discusses imminent changes to the way iBeacons work and presents some ideas

iBeacon Applications

This is the third in a series of articles on iBeacons (or Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons), describing the current application landscape, by industry sector. If you need to get up

(i)Beacons in Practice

This is the second in a series of articles on iBeacon (or Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons) - explaining how they work in practice and discussing current and future iOS and

Mobile 3D Remote Control

Following our articles on mobile device orientation and using it to mimic the dynamic perspective feature on the Amazon Fire Phone, we're combining device orientation with remote control. And there's

Introduction to iBeacons

iBeacon is Apple's branding of the Bluetooth Low Energy beacon specification (AKA Bluetooth Smart proximity sensing) that is part of the Bluetooth 4.0 standard. In the first of a

The ZX404

For those not old enough to remember the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and it's ubiquitous loading screen, we explain the inspiration for our 404 page, and how we went about building