New Now Ltd was formed to deliver consultancy and solutions focused on new and emerging technologies. You can find out about some of our work here.

We're excited by the possibilities of technology, and would love to hear about your ideas for projects - especially if they involve indoor location, beacons, cross-device interaction, TV-oriented interfaces, wearable devices or interactive advertising! Thought of something? Why not get in touch?

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Navigation Innovation

We're pleased to announce that we've secured funding from Interface's Innovation Voucher scheme to work with the School of Computing Science in The University of Glasgow on a beacon project.… Read more.


Eddystone in Practice

Google recently unveiled their bluetooth beacon standard called Eddystone (after the lighthouse), that lets users receive URLs broadcast straight to their phone without needing an app. It has been viewed… Read more.


Scottish Design Awards Nomination

We're delighted to share the news that we've been nominated for a Scottish Design Award in the website category, for our work with Axis Animation. You can see what great… Read more.


The 4K Website

The web is being experienced on a wider range of screen resolutions than ever, but 1366 x 768 has remained steady as the most common for some years now. So… Read more.

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The Great Indoors

Accurate and up-to-date maps of internal spaces are a prerequisite of many iBeacon applications. Recently, the big players in mapping have been extending their coverage indoors. So what's the current… Read more.

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