Indoor Positioning

Real-time, real world analytics - no app required!
Passively (and anonymously) track visitors,
and gain valuable insights for your business
with our indoor positioning solutions.

Who goes where? And when?? We provide robust and comprehensive map analytic tools to help you identify, measure and visualize pedestrian foot traffic. Understand how visitors interact with your space to create new levels of engagement for both you and your customers with data on space utilization, traffic patterns, and barriers to entry.

Indoor Analytics

Use Indoor Analytics to gauge customer loyalty visits, in-store dwell times, new customer exposure, sales correlations, and overall customer satisfaction.

Make informed decisions about

  • Rental levels, with site-to-site traffic comparisons
  • Product placement
  • Optimising layout


Indoor positioning offers tangible benefits in many industries.

  • Retail - shops and shopping centres
    Provide footfall data and marketing opportunities to tenants.
    Correlate sales with visitor movements.
  • Exhibition and conference venues
    Offer exhibitors valuable data.
    Use visitor behaviour to optimise future events.
  • Transport
    Remove bottlenecks and optimise queueing times.
  • Galleries & museums
    Quantify popularity of exhibits.
    Identify under-used spaces.
  • Educational establishments
    Optimise usage of rooms.
  • Hospitals
    Build on our indoor positioning system with navigation and asset tracking.
  • Large office spaces
    Track desk and common space usage over time.

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