Indoor Navigation

Positioning, maps, and navigation - indoors!
Let customers search for what they want,
and be guided there with mobile mapping.

Finding places, people, products and facilities can be difficult in large spaces like shopping centres, hospitals and educational establishments. With mobile mapping and positioning, customers can search for anything, and be given directions to it on their device; and occasional visitors or attendees at events can instantly find their way around.

Most consumers prefer their own device to using kiosks or asking staff for assistance in-store, by significant margins.
Deloitte, The New Digital Divide

Contextual Content

Along the way, visitors can be offered useful information based on their precise location, and whether they are entering, leaving, or sticking around. This can range from time-sensitive alerts and guidance on the immediate surroundings to targeted offers and promotions.

Data Wins

All the while, your visitors' use of the app and movement around your location generate valuable data, that can be used to gain insights on layout and usage of space. An analytics dashboard lets you track this data, almost in realtime.


Indoor navigation can be applied in many industries.

  • Retail - shops and shopping centres
    Directions to shops, facilities and even products.
    Provide time- and place-specific offers.
  • Exhibition and conference venues
    Plan routes based on interests.
    Locate exhibitors and fellow attendees.
  • Transport
    Guide travellers to their check-in and gate.
    Personalise offers on behalf of retail tenants.
  • Galleries & museums
    Guided tours based on interests.
  • Educational establishments
    Direct students based on their timetable.
    Enable area-specific alerts and information.
  • Hospitals
    Show patients to their appointments and visitors to their destination.
    Enable asset tracking for valuable equipment and staff.
  • Large office spaces
    Find meeting rooms and staff.
    Open instant communication by area.

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