New Now Ltd was formed to deliver consultancy and solutions focused on new and emerging technologies. You can find out about some of our work here.

We're excited by the possibilities of technology, and would love to hear about your ideas for projects - especially if they involve indoor location, beacons, cross-device interaction, TV-oriented interfaces, wearable devices or interactive advertising! Thought of something? Why not get in touch?

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The Great Indoors

Accurate and up-to-date maps of internal spaces are a prerequisite of many iBeacon applications. Recently, the big players in mapping have been extending their coverage indoors. So what's the current… Read more.

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Beacon Wars (?)

Continuing our iBeacon series, we're going to try to clear up any confusion around naming and standards - what are the differences (if any) between Bluetooth Beacons, iBeacons and AltBeacons?… Read more.

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The Future of iBeacons

This is the concluding article in a series of articles on iBeacons (AKA Bluetooth Low Energy beacons), it discusses imminent changes to the way iBeacons work and presents some ideas… Read more.

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iBeacon Applications

This is the third in a series of articles on iBeacons (or Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons), describing the current application landscape, by industry sector. If you need to get up… Read more.

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(i)Beacons in Practice

iBeacon logo

This is the second in a series of articles on iBeacon (or Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons) - explaining how they work in practice and discussing current and future iOS and… Read more.

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