New Now Ltd was formed to deliver consultancy and solutions focused on new and emerging technologies.


In the near future, applications and content will be consumed primarily on a variety of mobile devices, and will extend across those devices and others (such as smart TVs and digital advertising) to create new kinds of interactive experiences.

We are focused on technologies relevant to this emerging context, and committed to exploiting the opportunities it brings for innovation and creative solutions.


We are interested in applications including

  • Interactive advertising and display
  • Cross-device interaction
  • Social integrations and real-time social
  • Micro-location and context-aware services
  • Wearable device apps
  • TV-oriented apps and interfaces

In some of these areas, use cases are still emerging and we are happy to work on projects where uncertainty may require prototyping of ideas.


We firmly believe that HTML5 and Javascript now constitute a platform on which the next generation of digital applications and consumer experiences can be built. Using nodejs for server-side development and standalone applications, and web frameworks to implement clients across diverse form factors, there has never been such a cohesive collection of unifying technologies.

This approach fits perfectly with today's service-based architectures to create modular components and solutions built on open standards.

Our principal technologies include

  • Javascript
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • NodeJS
  • REST
  • Open source front-end frameworks such as EmberJS
  • Cross-platform mobile frameworks
  • Real-time web technologies
  • iBeacon (bluetooth beacons)
  • Smart TV platforms

What Next?

To discuss a project, or to find out more, please get in touch.