Asset Tracking

Never lose track of your valuable equipment, or people, again.
Prevent losses and pinpoint staff instantly
with our asset tracking solutions.

Live Inventory

Missing equipment can be inconvenient, costly, or prevent you from offering the level of customer service you'd like. However in some situations it can be critical. The ability to monitor the precise whereabouts of your valuable assets saves time and money.

People, Placed

Sometimes the ability to locate members of staff will let you provide a better service to your customers, or make your employees lives easier. But in a clinical setting, finding the right person quickly can make all the difference when patients require urgent treatment.

How It Works

By tracking the wifi-enabled devices that staff may already carry (such as mobile phones), or attaching small bluetooth tags to badges or inside equipment, a network of wirelesss sensors passively monitors people and devices as they move around.

Real-time Dashboard

With access to a real-time view of the location of your staff and equipment, you'll never lose an item, or valuable time finding the right person, again.


Indoor positioning offers tangible benefits in many industries.

  • Hospitals
    Find qualified staff instantly.
    Locate the equipment you need, when you need it.
  • Office spaces
    Track IT inventory.
  • Educational establishments
    Keep tabs on high-value equipment.
  • Retail
    Locate stock.
    Locate staff instantly.
  • Exhibition and conference venues
    Monitor equipment on loan.

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